Enter 2020

Enter The 2020 UK National Innovation Awards

The innovation categories for the 2020 UK National Innovation Awards competition are as follows:

Innovations In Customer Feedback

Innovations In Service Personalisation

Innovations In Customer Interaction Automation

Innovations In Cloud Contact Centre

Innovations In Workforce Management & Optimisation

Innovations In Payment Security

Innovations In Collaboration & Internal Communication

Download the Entry Brochure

We limit the number of first-round entries for each category to just 10.

This enables the shortlisting panel to give each first-round submission adequate time and consideration.

Entries close on January 14th. Please enter ASAP to ensure you secure a first round place in your category(s) of choice!

Awards Process Summary

Step 1: Email jon.snow@directorsclub.house requesting an entry form.

Step 2: Fill out the online entry form to secure your first-round place(s). Remember, there are only 10 first-round places per category.

Key Date: All entries must be received by 3pm GMT on January 14th

Step 3: Prepare your first-round written submission for each category you are entering. Each written submission is 1,000 words, split into 5 sections.

Key Date: Written submissions must be received by 3pm GMT on February 4th

Step 4: The shortlisting panel will judge each entry and nominate four finalist for each category.

Step 5: The finalists for each category will be announced via press release and social media announcements on Linkedin.com.

Key Date: Finalists will be announced at 10am GMT on February 11th

Step 6: Each category finalist will be invoiced for the Finalist Fee of £1,500 + VAT.

Step 7: Each category finalist will prepare a 12-minute webinar-style video presentation (slide-deck and narration) detailing their innovation.

Key Date: Finalist videos must be received by 3pm GMT on March 10th

Step 8: The judging faculty for each category (50+ Directors’ Club® members) will view the four finalists’ videos. Each judge will nominate a winner and a runner-up for their category.

Step 9: Each winner nomination receives 2-points and each runner-up nomination receives 1-point. The finalist with the highest number of points is declared the category winner. The finalist with the second-highest number of points is declared the category runner-up.

Step 10: The results for each category final will be announced via a global webcast, press release, and social media announcement on Linkedin.com.

Key Date: Final results will be announced at 1.30pm GMT on March 24th