The UK National Innovation Awards have been designed by the Directors’ Club United Kingdom to recognise business technology innovations and their impact on customer experience, employee engagement, operations performance, product creation, and profitable growth.

As technology and innovation are at the heart of this initiative, we decided to totally reimagine the concept of B2B recognition and award giving.

The outcome is a unique programme that uses an all-digital platform to execute the entire awards process.

Our aim is to have an as-near-as-possible zero carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Consequently, there are no travel, over-night accommodation or gala dinner expenses associated with our programme.

Directors’ Club is dedicated to promoting the success and growth of all businesses in the United Kingdom. Therefore, the Awards categories are open to all technology developers worldwide who are doing business in the UK.


Please note, judging is not open to those in B2B consulting, sales, marketing, or business development. Also, no staff of software developers, VARs or other resellers can judge these awards.

Are you currently in-post as a Chief, Director or Head in one of the following professions:

Customer Service, Customer Experience, Customer Contact, Customer Care, Customer Support, Customer Operations, Process Automation, Digital, IT, E-commerce, Innovation, Transformation, and other similar or allied roles?

If the answer is yes, please click here and fill in the judging application form.

Our judging committee will review your application and forward a decision within 7 days via email.

Please ensure your LinkedIn.com profile is up-to-date and reflects the job title and employer stated in the application form.

Directors’ Club United Kingdom reserves the right to withdraw the invitation to judge this competition from anyone who does not comply with the job title criteria.

If you have any questions regarding the judging opportunity, please email jon.snow@directorsclub.org.uk.


New categories for the 2020 awards programme will be announced in October 2019. Watch this space for more information.


Automating Customer Support

Winner: Jacada
Runner-up: CX Company

Finalist: Intradiem
Finalist: Moxie

Blending Human & Artificial Intelligence

Winner: Concentrix & Unbabel
Runner-up: Astute

Finalist: Noetica
Finalist: Synthetix

Personalising Customer Interactions

Winner: Personify XP
Runner-up: IMImobile

Finalist: Genesys
Finalist: Wizu

Virtual Customer Assistant Innovation

Winner: Nuance
Runner-up: Genesys

Finalist: IMImobile
Finalist: Jacada

“Nuance’s written submission and final presentation video displayed a considerable depth of vision, creativity and innovation. They communicated a passion for humanising the customer’s self-service experience, while seeking to maximise their clients’ ROI from virtual customer assistant initiatives.

“The UK National Innovation Awards were established as an open competition to seek out truly useful inventions. Nuance’s virtual customer assistant solution ticked all the boxes with our judging faculty of UK business leaders.”

Jon Snow, Founder & Chairman, Directors’ Club United Kingdom

Voice Of The Customer Innovation

Winner: Wizu
Runner-up: MaritzCX

Finalist: Confirmit
Finalist: Performance Telecom

“Collecting and analysing the voice of the customer is essential to customer experience management, product development and marketing strategy. The challenge for organisations is how to engage customers with surveys in order to extract meaningful actionable insights. Wizu’s winning entry demonstrated innovation in survey delivery, structuring and response options, allowing users to build surveys to engage defined customer segments.

“All four finalists are commended on the quality of their written entries and live final presentations.”

Jon Snow, Chairman, Directors’ Club United Kingdom

Live Chat Innovation

Winner: IPsoft
Runner-up: Creative Virtual

Finalist: eGain
Finalist: Salesforce

“On behalf of the Directors’ Club United Kingdom I congratulate the team at IPsoft on winning the Live Chat Innovation category of the UK National Innovation Awards 2017. Across all four of the finalists’ presentations we saw clear evidence that Live Chat is very rapidly evolving from a human-to-human interaction channel towards delivering a high-quality customer experience using virtual live chat agents. When customers click to live chat all they want are fast, accurate answers to their queries. The judges recognised the quality and sophistication of IPsoft’s Amelia virtual live chat agent. Well done and I look forward to seeing how Amelia evolves. Keep the innovations coming!”

Jon Snow, Chairman, Directors’ Club United Kingdom