Introducing The Nationals

The UK National Innovation Awards® (the Nationals) were launched in 2016 by Directors’ Club®, to recognise technology innovations and their impact on customer experience, operational performance, or employee engagement.

The Nationals are open to all technology developers worldwide, as long as their solution or product is available for purchase in the UK (directly or via resellers).

Uniquely, our judging faculty is drawn from the leadership of the divisions and departments pertinent to each award category. Judges are also Directors’ Club® members.

We do not recruit judges from consultancies, suppliers, resellers or technology vendors.

All-digital Process

When designing the UK National Innovation Awards®, we wanted to reinvent the cost-model for award programme participation, and at the same time minimise the environmental impact associated with traditional award-giving.

Our end-to-end, all-digital process not only produces as-near-as-possible no environmental impact, it also removes all the costs typically associated with award-giving, including: category entry, gala prizing giving attendance, travel and accommodation, and time out of the office.